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Disability Management

Implementing a Disability Management Program makes good business sense!

Absences in the workplace can equate to a substantial decrease in productivity and can have a major effect on an organizations finances and morale.

At RPM we understand that as the costs of worker injuries and illnesses rise, the demand for controlling those costs increases. Which is why an effective Disability Management Program is crucial to decrease and mitigate the related costs by assisting with getting the worker back on the job in a safe and timely manner.
The primary focus of a Disability Management Program should always be on prevention, and implementing controls for all associated risks that cause these absences. Developing a robust Health & Safety Program is the first step by raising worker awareness and preventing injuries, a DMP will help fill in the gaps when an injury occurs.
RPM offers a Disability Management Program Overview, which acts as an introduction to the fundamentals of a successful program, and relevant information on development. Following the overview, we offer three additional workshops which will allow you to build and customize your program right in class, so you can then take it back to your workplace for implementation.

Please click on one of the following links for full course details and to register:

Disability Management - Program Overview
Disability Management - Human Rights/Employers Duty to Accommodate
Disability Management - Return to Work Planning
Disability Management - Working with Insurance Adjudicators