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What Services Are Provided By RPM?

RPM is here to provide employers and workers within the Manitoba trucking industry with health and safety expertise, which will in turn allow them to create healthy, safe, productive workplaces and an integrated culture of safety. All our services are funded by a levy paid by the industry, therefore for all companies within the following WCB Classifications, there are no additional fees for accessing these services… You’ve paid for it, get the most out of it!

WCB Classifications:
• 501-02 Local and Long-Haul Trucking (within Manitoba)
• 501-11 AAP Reporting Trucking (Inter-jurisdictional)
• 501-09 Inter-provincial Trucking Administration

Services Offered:

Training - RPM offers industry-specific training related to:

- Safety Program Development & Implementation
- Safety & Health Legislation
- Disability Management
- Ergonomics/MSI Prevention
- Specialized Training: Emergency First Aid, WHMIS/GHS 2015

At RPM we understand the high demands related to the trucking industry, which is why we offer our courses in modular format, of short duration to accommodate busy schedules. You can choose to stay for one, or more, whatever your schedule will allow, you choose your learning plan. Arrangements can also be made to accommodate larger groups, we can come to you and train at your facility! (Additional fees may apply)

Safety Helpline – Do you have questions related to your Health & Safety Program? Or maybe relating to legislation? Call us and we can assist over the phone, or send us an email and we will provide you with quick details and resources.

- Call (204) 632-6600 and ask for RPM

- Email info@rpmsafety.ca

Basic Resources – RPM offers many Health & Safety related resources available right on our website for quick access, such as:

- Safety Moments- These are brief safety ‘talks’ about a specific topic, that you can print or reference, as a learning tool for your workplace. Use these as a brief discussion to help raise awareness about industry related topics.
- Regulations- We have posted Health & Safety regulations related to your workplace for your use and reference. (i.e first aid requirements, PPE requirements, Emergency Procedures etc.)
- Templates/Forms – Blank templates and forms are available for your use. You can customize these forms with your company logo, and make it specific to your workplace.

  • Gap Analysis – A gap analysis is a non-judgemental evaluation of your safety management system that tries to determine if your company is ready for certification. When the evaluation is complete you are provided with a confidential report of our assessment. If some areas are in need of attention you will be given recommendations to help you make improvements and better prepare for the Certification process. Give us a call, we will come down to your facility to conduct a full analysis.
  • Mentorship – RPM offers ongoing support to all member companies. Any company that is working to improve its safety program, usually with the goal of achieving MB Safety Certification (when available) can access this free assistance. Even if you are not ready for the Certification process we can work with your company to improve any portion of your safety program. We can even come down to your facility and assist with:

  • - Site Inspections
    - Strategic planning & Troubleshooting
    - Safety related solutions customized to your work environment

  • Ongoing Support – We are pleased to offer our ongoing support to all our members. We are dedicated to helping our members meet safety program excellence. We believe every worker is entitled to a safe workplace, and that we can all become safety leaders. To achieve our best results, we must work in collaboration, and RPM will assist every step of the way.