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Gap Analysis - Audit Framework

Duration: Half Day


The certification audit framework includes these three required components that describe the company's:

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Methods to ensure effective worker participation and engagement
  3. Processes for Hazard Recognition and Control

These three components describe a number of high-level questions and answers to these questions will set the stage for strategic planning towards certification.

At the end of this Gap Analysis - Audit Framework course, you will have a completed gap analysis for you to take back to your company. This analysis will provide a better understanding of the company's status relevant to the required components for certification and allows planning towards certification. No matter the results of the gap analysis, RPM provides support through their expert advisors or through additional training to assist companies in addressing the gap(s).

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand the components of the audit framework criteria and the intended outcomes based on each criteria
  • Identify types of evidence needed to verify fulfillment of the criteria
  • Identify gaps
  • Conduct a desk gap analysis using a laptop
  • Write an action plan to address the gaps
  • Use the information to determine the company's readiness for a formal internal audit.

Note: This course differs from the following courses:

  • Internal Auditor - this course is intended specifically for training designated internal auditors to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to perform and complete internal audits using various auditing tools..
  • Gap Analysis - Legislative Compliance - this course determines the company's legislative compliance as prescribed in the Canada Labour Code - Part II (Federal Jurisdiction) or Manitoba Safety and Health Act and Regulations (Provincial Jurisdiction).

Target Audience:

  • Employers
  • Supervisors
  • Designated Internal Auditors
  • Committee Members or Safety Representatives
  • People who wish to understand the audit framework components and requirements for meeting the criteria

Course Dates & Course Fees:

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