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**Update: Tuesday, March 31**

In light of the continuing pandemic, the RPM office will remain closed until April 13. We remain at your service for member inquiries and as a resource. We would like to thank you for your support - sharing advice, expertise, and resources - over the past couple of weeks as we all work together.

Travellers will receive information about Manitoba's current state of emergency, public health orders issued under The Public Health Act, and the need to immediately self-isolate for 14 days after travel in Canada or internationally. If Manitobans need assistance with groceries, prescription pickup and other services, they are encouraged to go to www.HelpNextDoorMB.ca.

As always, RPM remains here to support you. While we are currently working from home we we re available through email and have our calls to the office being forwarded to our cell phones. Alternatively email info@rpmsafety.ca
Stay safe.

As an ESSENTIAL SERVICE; There is no public health requirement or recommendation for truck drivers to self-isolate after crossing the border if they are feeling healthy. That applies to their family members as well.

See our Resources Page for additional information.