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The Province of Manitoba announced that beginning on Tuesday, April 14, all parents who work in critical services, as defined by the chief provincial public health officer, will be able to access child-care spaces available in licensed facilities. Parents working in these sectors who have been unable to make other child-care arrangements will be able to check which facilities have available spaces at www.manitoba.ca/covid19 and work directly with them to receive a spot.

The Province also noted that critical services includes all businesses listed under the Public Health Act emergency order, which includes:
  • A business that provides transportation services necessary for the activities of daily living.
  • A business that provides transportation services to other businesses or individuals by road, rail, air or water, including a business that provides logistical support, distribution services or warehousing and storage, or truck stops.
  • A business that services or repairs vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, bicycles and includes car, truck and farm equipment dealerships and related facilities and auto supply stores and other similar retail businesses.
  • A business that provides towing services or roadside repair assistance.
  • A business that provides goods and services for the operation, maintenance and safety of the road, rail, air and water transportation systems.
  • A business that provides maintenance services such as clearing snow and completing necessary repairs to the transportation system.
RPM’s COVID-19 Resources page has been updated. It contains templates and resources from the Manitoba Government, a COVID-19 symptoms self-assessment, tip sheets and resources from the Canadian Trucking Alliance and RPM, and Transport Canada’s COVID-19 guidelines for Fleets and Drivers.

As the response to COVID-19 continues to evolve and awareness and educational efforts by all levels of government intensify, several roadside checkpoints are increasing across Canadian jurisdictions. The purpose of these checkpoints, operated by government officials, is to provide awareness materials to motorists about the virus and government policy and, in some cases, more restrictive measures that limit non-essential travel into a specific province or region to prevent the further spread of the virus. Because truck drivers could encounter one of these checkpoints, it important to raise awareness in the trucking industry for both drivers and carriers on their intended purpose. For a summary of the known locations with current details on activities taking place at each one, please click here: CTA-Covid19-CheckPoints_public
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In light of the continuing pandemic, the RPM office will remain closed until further notice. We remain at your service for member inquiries and as a resource. We would like to thank you for your support - sharing advice, expertise, and resources - over the past couple of weeks as we all work together.

Travellers will receive information about Manitoba's current state of emergency, public health orders issued under The Public Health Act, and the need to immediately self-isolate for 14 days after travel in Canada or internationally. If Manitobans need assistance with groceries, prescription pickup and other services, they are encouraged to go to www.HelpNextDoorMB.ca.

As always, RPM remains here to support you. While we are currently working from home we are available through email and have our calls to the office being forwarded to our cell phones. Alternatively email info@rpmsafety.ca
Stay safe.

As an ESSENTIAL SERVICE; There is no public health requirement or recommendation for truck drivers to self-isolate after crossing the border if they are feeling healthy. That applies to their family members as well.